Every time a bookstore buys your book for resale, or people buy your book from an online retailer like, you earn a royalty. In assisted self-publishing, you earn much, much higher royalties than in traditional publishing.

We offer two main streams of distribution, Managed Distribution and Direct Distribution.
The Direct Distribution route can be great for someone who really wants to be able to take control of his or her own distribution. This option gives you control of managing your all of your different accounts so you can log in to each individual account and make changes whenever you feel the need! This option puts you in the driver’s seat, offering100% royalties.
The second option, Managed Distribution, is just as exciting. This more assisted option puts a great level of the work on Dreamline, instead of you. This can be a great option for authors who do not have the time to manage multiple accounts and keep up with the agreements of all of the different accounts. Instead, Dreamline will set your book up for distribution with all of the important channels for you. Instead of managing lots of accounts, you just have your Dreamline account where we will consolidate information for you, and make it all easily accessible in one place. This option lets you sit back and relax with 85% royalties.

*Terms and conditions apply to royalty rates; for example, to get a 70% e-book royalty, the book must be priced between $2.99 and $9.99 and be priced 20% lower than the print edition.