• Self-publishing is the publication of any book or other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of a traditional third-party publisher. The author assumes all financial risk for the publication, and owns the copyright. In self-publishing, the author is responsible and in control of the entire process including overseeing design (cover/book insides), price, and doing their own distribution and marketing.

  • Once you select and pay for the Package you will get an email notification with a link to send us your files online. Once received we’ll start crafting your book as an e-book for sale on Amazon, complete with cover design.

  • Yes absolutely! We will send you a digital proof of your book before putting it on Amazon. We’ll send you a sample layout of the cover by email first, then finalize the design based on your feedback, please note there shall be only one revision to the Cover page after your input has been taken into account.

  • If Dreamline Publishing did the layout and design of your book, please contact info@dreamlinepublishing.com to discuss sending revisions. Revisions are billable at $80/hour.

    For Print Ready PDFs, please send a new PDF of the entire book and/or cover. We will email you a new digital proof.

  • As a self-published author, you will open an account on Amazon KDP and send us your login information to enable us to upload your first book on KDP. You will receive instruction on how to open KDP account when we send you the notification with a link to send your file to us.

    However, if this seems like a daunting task then Dreamline Publishing would be happy to set up an Amazon account for your eBook sales. Please contact us for a quote.

  • When you accept and pay for any one of our packages it becomes binding on us to honour our commitment to you and also for you to submit your work to us in due time and make yourself available for review and feedback on the final design and layout of your book. Any additional services shall be quoted to you through an email.

  • Royalties are only for you, the author. You sell the books and keep all profits from sales. We do not administer book sales or royalties. You are free to work with another publisher or printer at any time, for any form of the book.

  • The rights to your work stay with you, the author. You can publish it elsewhere at any time, in any form. We will place a copyright legal notice in the book for you, listing you as the author, along with any other credits, such as for any illustrations and photographs used in the book.

  • Yes! Since Dreamline Publishing did the layout and design of your book, we can also create Printed edition of your book. We will format your Print version so it looks just like your e-book, including a cover page that matches your e-book cover. The base price for Print Edition created from a Dreamline Publishing layout is $295.

    Or if you feel comfortable you may choose to do it yourself at Amazon’s Print-on-demand service.

  • While PDFs are electronic versions of your book, they are meant predominantly for printing. All parts of the book file are set: the text and images cannot be changed in any way. EBooks, however, allows the readers to change the font size and overall look of the book on their eReaders. This means the text flows and reflows on the eReader device (Kindle, Kobo, iPad, etc), changing its look continuously with each “page.

  • Yes! Dreamline Publishing packages are setup for Amazon sales, we can set up your Amazon account for you at an additional charge. Once set up, you monitor the sales and keep 100% of the Royalties.

  • Amazon takes a 30% royalty on eBook sales. For example, if you sell an eBook for $10, Amazon takes $3, and you take $7. Amazon pays quarterly, and sales can take two months to post.

  • The price of your eBook is up to you. The minimum price is $2.99. To encourage sales, it is recommended to set the price as low as possible. You may make more money this way over time, instead of discouraging potential readers with a higher price.

  • When Dreamline Publishing does the layout and cover of the book for you, we do some minor copy editing, including fixing common errors with spacing and punctuation. For higher levels of editing please see our Services section for more details.