My Favorite Childhood Book

As a kid it is very beneficial to develop the habit of reading. It helps ignite our imagination, it improves our vocabulary, sharpens our mind and much more.

Books are a bridge to another world in our mind. They’re a great and fascinating way in which the author, can express his thoughts, opinions and imagination.

As important books are for kids, the type of books they read is as important. Some more mature or explicit books, which require an older age to be read and understood, should not be read by younger kids.

As a kid I loved to read and as a teenager I still do. I loved reading a large variety of books written by various authors.One of my all-time favorite authors is Mr. Roald Dahl. I loved his witty sense of humor and his wild imagination. His thoughts really matched mine as a kid. I could easily relate to the characters within his books. When reading his books, I would be totally immersed in them and would be in the same world as the book. I would imagine myself in the shoes of the main character. I would think about what I would be doing in his/her place. His books really excited me and tickled my imagination, and I couldn’t wait to read any I had missed. They played a huge part in my childhood and helped me develop my imagination. I’ve read many books by the great Roald Dahl. All of these are still much loved but there’s one that is special.

This book is “James and the Giant Peach”. This book, since the day I read it, has held a special place in my heart. After reading it for the first time I’ve read it many more times again yet I have never been bored by it.

I have always been fascinated and strangely inspired by how James (the main character) had the guts to leave the place where he wasn’t loved at such a small age. His voyage with all the other characters made me wonder how I would interact with other random strangers I just happened to meet. This book kept me thinking what I would do if I was in place of James. I was also left in awe by James and his cleverness and how he dealt with various problems.

Without revealing more about the book, I’d just say that I loved this book and still do, and I’m sure every other kid who loves good fiction books would love it too.

I recommend this book to every kid I meet. I’ve had feedback from quite some children whom I recommended it to. They told me they had loved it and had the same feelings as me. Moreover it had them excited for more of Mr. Dahl’s work which they hadn’t already read.

This book has been read and loved by millions and anyone who hasn’t read it I strongly urge you to read it and be charmed and fascinated by it.

I am sure this one book shall be enough to hook you in to all the other books by Roald Dahl, Happy Reading!


Author: Murtaza J.M