5 Tips for parents to encourage kids to Read and Write

The greatest invention, through the history of humankind, is indeed language.

The gift of language sets us apart from other living creatures and gives us a tool to express our feelings and emotions in many different ways. I believe that well-developed language skills provide a great advantage in all facets of life.

Like any other ability, the skill to do, comes by doing. Children are more likely to develop writing and reading skills if their family members actively support them.

What they see being practiced is what they will strive to achieve.

Inculcating reading habits is necessary for children in order for them to become fine writers and speakers. Reading not only provides us with a heap of knowledge which further enlightens our mind but also helps develop our language skills, vocabulary, and communication skills. Parents play an essential role in helping children develop these skills.

I have put together a list of ways that will help your children’s reading & writing habits:-

1. Reading together: Simply taking the time out to read to your young children can do wonders. In this way not only can you correct their mistakes, improve their pronunciation and vocabulary but also create stronger bonds with them . Include books with pictures along the text, so they can easily create scenarios in their minds and relate to what they’re reading. Pick a time before bed or any that suits your schedule, and read for at least 30 minutes.


2. Set a time and place for writing: Find a suitable corner in your house, preferably with a desk and the required supplies such as paper, pens, colour pencils, crayons etc. Encourage them to write about how they spent their day, if something interesting happened, or simply about their favourite food, toy or game in general, if not everyday, three times a week would suffice.


3. Story Writing: Once they’ve grasped a liking of and interest towards writing, introduce them to story writing. Giving picture stories and asking them to build a story from it is one creative way of doing it. Freestyle writing can also be adopted once they’re improving.


4. Go book shopping together! Book shopping is a great way to spend one’s evening. Exploring various books with your child can be a fun way to promote reading. Buying books that they choose for themselves will make reading more desirable for them.


5. Encouraging journal writing: The simple act of writing about your day can improve writing skills immensely along with providing a space for venting, and keeping a record of happenings. Further ask them to jot down what they like, dislike, how they feel about certain things, their dreams and aspirations. Not only will this refine their communication skills but will also provide an opportunity for introspection and self-analysis.

Author: Murtaza J.M