5 Tips For Kids To Improve Writing Skills

Practice! ‘Practice makes perfect’ is a phrase we have heard numerous times, whether it be singing, dancing, painting or any other skill.Similarly, writing is a skill that needs to be practiced in abundance in order to master it to perfection. Journal writing is a great way to practice writing skills.

Try to develop a habit of writing down your thoughts, dreams, goals, things that give you pleasure or what disappoints you. In this way not only will you be able to keep a record but also improve your writing skills alongside.
Letter writing: Writing a simple email or message to a distant relative or friend updating them about happenings and events can be a creative way to practice writing. In this way, your communication skills will be polished and you will also be able to stay in touch with the people who are important in your life.
Focus on creative content: Brainstorm. Think outside the box. The sky doesn’t have to be blue. Write about what appeals to you. It doesn’t have to be ordinary and about our monotonous daily routine. Let your imagination run wild and write about something extraordinary. This will help you to think and bring forward your creative side.
Reading: Besides course books, reading for pleasure enhances the writing skills. Drama, fiction, horror, mystery, crime, romance, adventure, biographies, all are genres for all types of moods. One can find a book of their own interest and get really involved in the story and this can massively improve writing skills, vocabulary and expression. Children’s classics like Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Bambi, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Treasure Island have been passed on from generation to generation as they are truly epic.
Fun ways to learn: Try to find activities that promote writing but in a fun and creative manner. Crosswords are a great way to freshen up your mind and improve your vocabulary. Similarly, finding pictures from which you can create stories can be enjoyable. One can find numerous activities for kids on the internet as well.

Author: Murtaza J.M