About Us

“Digital Keepers”

Dreamline Publishing is an independent Canadian children’s Publisher based in Montreal.


Children, especially preschoolers, are often very spontaneous and can whip up stories about monsters on the rooftops or creatures playing in the back yard.


As they grow older they forget all those mystical creatures that were the figment of their own imagination, but seemed all too real.

We are the canvas for your child’s imagination.

We aspire to spark and unfold their creativity and to preserve and to bring to life what they are bound to forget in the hustle and bustle of the grownup world.


We believe all children are artists and creators and come with a clean slate not clouded by prejudgment or preconception and that is what makes them daring and playful and mischievous and magical. Parents take joy and pleasure in narrating these stories or antics of their children in front of their family and friends but don’t have the time or the energy to preserve them.



We, at Dreamline Publishing, will compile these precious memories into a digital keepsake book floating around in Cyber Space for all to read and enjoy. Learn more here.